Complete Product Listing

Complete Product Listing

Aquastat immersion wells

A & J,H,S oil pump strainers and gaskets

Air cones Beckett & Wayne

Auburn® liquid level controls

Auburn® observation ports

Auburn® protector boots

Carlin, Beckett, & Wayne flange gaskets

Beckett electrode & tune up kits

Blowout gun and COČ chargers

Buss bars - Flat & Round

Cad cell eyes and leads

Carlin electrode & tune up kits

Ceramic Blankets

Ceramic Boots - 90 Deg & Straight

Ceramic Braided Rope - 1/2” thru 2” Dia. - 2300° F

Ceramic Braided Rope - 1/2” thru 2” Dia. - 2300° F

Ceramic Twisted Rope - 1/2” thru 2” Dia. - 2300° F

Champion® spark plugs

Couplers for B & G and Armstrong pumps

Electrode and ignition kits

Electrode setting gauges

Fiberfrax® 440J gasketing paper

Fiberglass Rope, Tape, & Sleeving

Firomatic™ Valves, Check Valves & Fusible Valves

Gaskets and cover gaskets

Gauge glass brass friction rings 5/8" & 3/4"

Gauge glass valves with rods

High temperature fiberboard

Industrial igniters & flame rods

Ignition terminal and transformer kits

Ignition terminals and hardware

Lenz™ Observation Ports

Miller plate & flange gaskets

Monarch Pump Test kit

Nozzles wrench

O.E.M. electrodes and igniters

Oil filter system - Quick Spin III™ - UL Listed - 10 Micron

Oil filter refills: Spin on, Cotton, & Rayon

Oil safety valve - 3/8" & 1/2" pipe

Pioneer burner couplings and accessories

Pocket dial & digital thermometers

Pressure gauge 0 - 30 psi, 1/8 NPT btm mount

Pressure gauge 0 - 300 psi, 1/4 NPT btm mount

Red Silicone cable 7mm-UL Listed

Regin smoke emitters

Riello air tube gaskets & strainer kits

Schott® high pressure gauge glass

Schott® redline gauge glass

Service tools:

8MM shell crimping tool & wire striper

Electrode Tip bending tool

Blow-out guns

Check Valve

Coupling Cutter - Cuts up to 1 1/4" dia. coupling

Gauge Glass cutters

Hex Key set

Lineman's pliers with crimper

Low voltage tester w/boots

OSVA tool

Pocket thermometers - analog & digitial

Porcelain & Glass cutter

Ratchet box wrench

Soot kutter

Tape Measure 7/8" W X 25 ft.

Telescoping inspection mirrors

Telescoping lighter

Telescoping magnet

Test leads with boots 12", 18" & 24" long

Test leads with boots 8 ft. 20 volt

Silicone boots - straight & 90 degree

Spin-On Filter - 10 micron - UL listed

Spring couplers

Standard gauge glass

Standard & custom made copper oil lines

Standard electrodes

Standard & Marvel® gauge glass washers

Steel braided hose 24" & 36" length’s

Superior smoke bombs - 30 sec., 1 & 3 minute

Terminal (Rajah™ style) connectors

Test Leads with boots

Thermeez® high temperature ceramic putty

TUV listed Flow Control® oil deaerator

UL and CSA Listed GTO cable

Vacuum gauge 0 - 30 vac, 1/8 NPT btm mount / Color coded

Vacuum gauge 0 - 30 vac, 1/4 NPT btm mount

Valker® Chem-Flush 1 & valve

V-belts - fractional 4L series only

Wayne Blue Angel electrodes & tune up kits

Woods® style couplers & inserts

Zoom Spout Oiler

....And much more!

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